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Pet Purchase Agreement & Warranty

As Breeders we have provided you with a puppy that has been examined by a licensed

Veterinarian and found to be in Good Health. The puppy is being sold as a Pet Only and is

not for Breeding Purposes, therefore AKC Papers are for Limited Registration Only. If it is

discovered  later that you used the dog to Breed or Sire a Litter, you will pay Christine Fear

$1000.00 for each puppy whelped without her consent.

Reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent the puppy from acquiring Hereditary Defects of the Hips, Eyes and Heart. However  due to unknown Hereditary and Environmental causes of such defects, no guarantee is given with them. We will provide a Limited Warranty as follows:

Should the animal purchased under the agreement be diagnosed by a current Licensed Veterinarian as being affected by Hereditary Defects of the Hips, the seller will at their discretion take the puppy back and replace it with a puppy from another breeding. Refunds will not be given.

A One (1) Year Warranty will be provided starting from the puppies birth date, for defects of the Hips, Eyes and Heart.    Initial Here _________.

If the original buyer would like to Extend the One Year Warranty to age Two (2). The Buyer will have the option to purchase NuVet Plus Supplements under Order Code number 1056142

Initial here ____________  Second Year Warranty will be upon verification of purchase of the NuVet Plus Supplements. Please call 1-800-474-7044 to order  NuVet  Supplements.

Breeder is not responsible for any defects caused by abuse or neglect of puppy, including death of your puppy , while in your care. A current Licensed Veterinary Report will be required for any Claim or Replacement . Any such disputes must be filed in Siskiyou County, Yreka, California 96097 only.

Buyer agrees to have puppy checked by a Licensed Veterinarian for a Wellness Check-up within 72 hours of delivery. Without Verification Warranty is Voided. Buyer will need to print a copy of this Warranty, sign and date and send original signed copy to Christine Fear          734  Jaygene Ct. Etna, CA. 96027  upon agreement to purchase a puppy.

Buyers Printed Name, Address & Phone ____________________________________________________________________

Buyers Signature ____________________________________  Date ___________

Breeders Signature ___________________________________ Date ___________

All Veterinarian Fees and expenses shall be the responsibility of the Buyer(s). Under no circumstances shall White Mountain Golden’s or Christine Fear be held responsible for any expenses for any puppy not in their immediate possession.

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